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Nadine is an slacking student, who has recently broken up with her girlfriend. Initially she wanted to continue building her robotic dog. But the next morning, her mother dies in a mysterious accident. Taken to a boarding school to live the rest of her teen years, torn between dating her old sweet heart and establishing a new life, she knows the life she wants to lead is not here.

But when she runs away from the boarding school on the floating city, the only way to hold her hand to keep her from falling is her old lover. Stuck in a world where teens build robot dogs to fight to the death, she comes to understand that not everyone lives like aristocrats. They hold onto the false promise of a better life.

Compounding the stench of death and cockroaches, the corporate state forked the source code from an old war time simulator. This simulator reworked into tailored experience in a fantasy world, specific to the desire of individual gamers. When Nadine finds her sexual desires to much to handle, she is about to give up gaming.

A dream-scanner, whose been watching her play all this time, has given her one last chance: she has the opprotunity to fix that apocalypse she's created that ruined the lives of the game world fairies. Who has her own mixed loyalties. And she keeps telling Nadine, "It's not really a game."

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